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Water Well, Pump, & Drilling Services For Central California
(Fresno, California | Bakersfield, California | Merced, California)



Water Well Services In
Fresno, California

For the better part of half a century, our company, Arthur & Orum Well Drilling, Inc, has been one of Fresno, California’s leading water well service providers, and always aims to accommodate our water well patrons with poise, punctuality, and professionalism. Because of our commitment to quality services, a diverse portfolio concerning our water well coverage, and a genuine desire to assist our fellow Fresno, CA residents, we can confidently say that every property owner will always have a reliable resource in the local water industry. Through our support here at Arthur & Orum Well Drilling, Inc, many residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and municipal properties located in the Fresno, CA communities are well-equipped to be readily & reliably supplied with clean, potable water; regardless of the time of year or the overall scarcity of rainfall being received the in the region. We offer an extensive list of water well services for our valued customers here in Fresno, California, and are available at the behest of said clientele to address any water well-related issues. To best serve our customers, be they a local homeowner needing a water well system designed, dug, and installed or a large-scale, commercial property suffering from poor performance caused by an outdated or faulty water well pump, we’ve briefly notated our areas of water well expertise & general service/coverage.




Water Well Services In
Bakersfield, California

Please get in touch with our in-house water well system specialists if you have any additional questions regarding our water well services, scheduling, pricing, and/or availability. Depending on the size of the property (residential/domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal, etc) and its supportive water well system, it may be prudent to take full advantage of our water well surveying & assessment services prior to contracting any specific water well services. While our company, Arthur & Orum Well Drilling, Inc, is currently headquartered in Fresno, CA and we happily serve the varied properties there within, we would like to reiterate that our water well services & water well coverage does indeed extend to the communities in and around Bakersfield, California as well! Firm in our belief that water well experience and service-based efficacy are most effective when coupled together with innovative adaptation, we hope to remain as a steadfast option for any Bakersfield, CA property owners who are in need of dependable water well services. We offer a broad spectrum of water well and water well pump services for nearly every property type here in Bakersfield, California; which often includes the following:




Water Well Services In
Merced, California

A property’s water well system, in its ability to provide a steady supply of clean, drinkable water, is absolutely integral for any home, business, or agricultural operation here in the Merced, California communities. As many local Califonia residents will attest to (and more specifically, in & around Merced, CA), the periodic droughts and water shortages we experience can wreak havoc on a property that is not properly provisioned with an on-site water well system. Having said that, we’ve made tremendous strides in our local coverage here in Merced, California for water well systems and water well pump services; including professional repairs, timely replacements, and performance-based maintenance applications. Our water well system specialists have literal generations of experience with a wide variety of water well systems, water well pumps, and how they both work together towards ensuring a property is well-supplied with running water all year long. If you are a local Merced, CA property owner and are interested in scheduling a particular water well service, such as a custom water well system design & installation or commissioning professional water well repairs & maintenance, please contact our knowledgeable staff at your earliest convenience. The water well system services we offer in support of local water well systems here in Merced, CA can range from water well inspections & optimization to complete water well system (re)designs & overhauls; and just about anywhere in between!


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