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Water Well, Pump, & Drilling Services

With over 60 years of experience in the Well and Pump Contracting industry, my company is backed by many years of hands-on acquired skill and knowledge. My employees are well versed in this field and carry the wisdom and know-how to complete your Well and Pump services from start to finish. This entails drilling test holes, design, well-drilling, well-installation, and pump installation, as well as general maintenance and upkeep, as well as replacements, repairs, and upgrades.


Water Well Services

As a professional well-drilling contractor, I understand the importance of not only designing and installing well and irrigation systems, but also the importance of repair and maintenance. This is why I have chosen to extend the company’s water well services to offer full coverage for your entire water well and irrigation structure. These services include water well design, test holes, drilling, construction, installation, repair, replacement, general maintenance for upkeep purposes, and system upgrades. Additionally, all of these services are available to all property types, including residential, industrial, and municipal.

Water Pump Services

You can’t have a well without also having the heart of the operation -the pump! The water pumps are the workhorses of the water well and irrigation system by drawing the water up from the ground and pressurizing it for water use and dispersal. For this critical water well component, I have expanded our company reach by offering all-inclusive and full coverage services for these essential units. These services include installation, repair, replacements, maintenance, and component upgrade available to residential, industrial, and municipal property types!

Well Drilling Services

The drilling services I offer to my clients are all-inclusive to ensure that the job is done correctly and efficiently from start to finish. Some of these well services include many well types, such as house wells, hard-rock wells, irrigation wells, and municipal wells. My company also specializes in the installation and maintenance of large diameter PVC wells. Before I allow my professional well contractors to begin any well installation, I always require that test holes are run prior to beginning construction. This is to assess groundwater resources and geologic surroundings to maintain environmentally sound maintenance and operation. I offer these wells services to all property types, including residential, industrial, and municipal.

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I don’t blame you if you don’t want to take my word as confirmation of our excellent services. As a professional contractor, I always strongly encourage researching any potential contracting companies to ensure that you are receiving reliable, trustworthy, and professional level services! This is why, as a service to all present and future clients, I have compiled a photo collection depicting my company’s completed works to openly display the quality of services you can expect to receive from Arthur & Orum Well Drilling, Inc.

As a professional well-drilling contractor specializing in residential, industrial and municipal properties, the services provided by Arthur & Orum Well Drilling, Inc include water wells, pump installation, submersible pump installation, irrigation, large-diameter PVC wells, reverse rotary hard rock drilling, test holes, well drilling, house wells, hard-rock wells, irrigation wells, and municipal wells within a 75-mile radius!

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