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Water Well Services
Drilling | Installation | Design

By offering all-inclusive water well services to all property types, including residential, industrial, and municipal, I am able to ensure that the construction of your well is done in a professional manner and meets high expert standards from start to finish. My company’s services include but are not limited to, test holes, design, drilling, installation, and maintenance.

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Water Pump Services
Repairs | Installs | Maintenance

The pumps are the heart of the well! This makes them an imperative component of your residential, industrial, or municipal well system! My company and employees are highly equipped with over 60 years of knowledge and experience in the well-contracting industry. They possess all skill and material necessary to perform professional repairs, installations, and required maintenance on the pump of your well system.

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Property Types Serviced
Agricultural | Residential | Commercial

It has always been a great passion of mine to extend my company’s professional Well and Pump contracting services to all of those who need my help. For this reason, I have designated my company’s services and expertise not only to residential properties but to industrial and municipal properties as well.

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Leading Providers Of Quality Water Well & Pump Services

With over 60 years of experience, and displaying an extensive knowledge and craftsmanship in the trade, my company has been recognized and rewarded by having been bestowed with the Fresno State small business family award in 2017 and invited to be on the TV show “60 Minutes.” My company, Arthur & Orum Well Drilling, Inc, was able to accomplish this great feat by demonstrating extensive knowledge and highly skillful performance of all provided services! These services include, but are not limited to, well and pump design, test holes, drilling, installation, construction, irrigation, repair, replacement, upgrading, and more! Not only does my company execute all of these well and pump services at a highly professional level, but they also perform them for all property types, including residential, industrial, and municipal!

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